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Reconstruction of Beira Lake to prevent floods

“In order to prevent floods caused by even the slightest rains, in Colombo City, it has become essential to reconstruct the Beira Lake and the waterways connected to it”, says Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

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Wild elephant found dead in toilet pit

A wild elephant was found dead in an abandoned toilet pit at Amabagaslanda  in Ridimaliyedda Divisional Secretary’s Division in the early hours of Wednesday 23rd March 2011.

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Smuggling artifacts through loopholes

The Cultural, Bio-Diversity and National Heritage unit of the Customs Department yesterday said that many of Sri Lanka’s artifacts were being smuggled out of the country by well-known individuals with the support of some people due to the lack of regulations in the Cultural Property Act.

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Pilot project to Ensure good quality water

The Central Environment Authority (CEA) is to monitor the quality of water in three selected water bodies in the Environmental Protected areas namely, Bolgoda Lake, Talangama Lake and Bentota Estuary in a pilot project to ensure that the quality of water Sri Lankans use and drink in particular, CEA chairman Dr. Charitha Herath said.

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20th Anniversary of the Mora Tree Revolution

There is ample evidence to prove that Sri Lanka’s culture could boast of traditions extending beyond 2,500 years. Although the values of this proud culture had fluctuated over the years the Sri Lankan Buddhist Priest should invariably get the honour of protecting it, in fact for centuries. It is an accepted fact that the Maha Sangha was the forerunner of the Sri Lankan Nation and its culture.

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'EU defeated' at Tuna Commission: Rajitha

(BBC) - Fisheries Minister Rajitha Senaratne says that the EU and other major fishing countries were recently dealt a blow as they attempted to increase fishing quota in the Indian Ocean.

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The white sambhur of Knuckles

A white sambhur, which is reminiscent of Dr R L Spittel’s book of fiction by that same name, is frequenting Hapugaskumbura area in Ududumbara on the eastern slope of the Knuckles range.

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