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Lanka wins UNEP SEED Award

Sri Lanka is among 30 winners of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) annual SEED Award that honours innovative start-up ventures in countries around the world.

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New culture in tree planting introduced

The Central Environment Authority (CEA) has set up a computer database to monitor the maintenance and the growth of the 1.5 million trees planted on November 15, 2010.

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Giant Mimosa threatens indigenous plants

Local environmentalists had expressed concern over the Giant Mimosa (a bigger type of Nidhikumba/Thottalsinungi) plant that has now started spreading in the hill country, particularly along the Mahaweli banks.

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Hummanaya; a sight for sore eyes

The prevailing rough seas off Tangalle  have  enhanced the beauty of the world famous Hummanaya at the Kudawella fisheries village off Kudawella Junction on Galle-Matara road.  The waves that lash the huge rock rise up to a great height producing a sight that attracts hundreds of local and foreign tourists. People of the area said that during the season of rough seas every year, the waves would hit against the rock and rise very high into the air.

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Forest Conservation Officers who exposed recently a fraud in timber valued at more than Rs. 20 million belonging to the State Timber Corporation are concerned about the explanation of the general manager of the corporation that an error in a map had resulted in the alleged incident. They pointed out that the general manager was attempting to safeguard the officials responsible for the fraud.

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Liquor and bites served at Nissankamalla Royal Assembly

Polonnaruwa residents expressed concern over a function in which, it was alleged- foreigners had been entertained with lunch and liquor near the Nissankamalla Royal Assembly on August 7,2010. Details of the organizers of the alleged event were still not known.

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“Tank Cleaner” spreads terror in Hurulu Wewa

According to fisher-folk, who make a living fishing in the Hurulu Wewa in Anuradhapura, several endemic varieties of fish living in the reservoir are facing extinction as a new variety of fish had started breeding profusely.

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