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The Destruction of Wilpattu National Park

The nation has now been purged of the terrorism which affected it for thirty years. The way is clear for resuming development, democracy and normalcy in civilian life. The present situation provides a rare opportunity for prosperity through correct planning and implementation of such plans. It is in this way that the freedom won by the great final phase of the war can become a reality

Heavy rain, strong winds create havoc in the City

Colombo city and its suburbs were in for a shock yesterday when lashing showers which started around 1.00 am in the morning in most places and continued throughout the day disrupting their day to day activities as flooded roads and pelting rain prevented them from reaching their work places on time. School goers too faced many difficulties and most were unable to get to school on time.

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Fined, sentenced for killing wild elephant

Two accused were found guilty of killing a wild elephant in the Ambagaswewa Forest Reserve to capture its calf which was found in their possession and were fined Rs.150,000 each and sentenced to 12-years rigorous imprisonment in default of the fine by the Homagama Magistrate Sumith Aruna Perera.

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Woman survived 8 days without food

A 79-year-old woman, who went missing from May 8 during a pilgrimage to the Somawathi Temple, Polonnaruwa was found from a jungle after eight days, police said. She was lost in the jungle during the floods that wreaked havoc in Polonnaruwa recently.

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An increase in deaths due to lightning

Deaths due to lightning in Sri Lanka has increased this year with 18 people been killed since March 1 this year. A meteorologist attached to the Meteorological Department told Daily Mirror that several people were reported killed by lightning on Monday May 10, 2010

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Sri Pada to become a world heritage site?

The government said that steps had been taken to recognize ‘Sri Pada’ (Adam’s Peak) as a World Heritage Site.

Minister of National Heritage and Cultural Affairs Pavithra Wanniarachchi, said that the proposal in that respect would be presented at the UNESCO Conference in Belgium scheduled to be held in June.

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Crocodile found in temple premises

A crocodile from the Senadiriyagama tank in Kekirawa entered the Senadiriyagama temple premises on Saturday but was unable to return. With the break of day it became excited, as did the occupants of the temple who contacted wild life officers.

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