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Dane arrested for smuggling rare animals

A Danish national who had smuggled out rare species of butterflies, snakes and spiders from Sri Lanka was apprehended when a special team from the Environmental Authority raided his rented house. The authorities were able to recover several rare species from the premises.

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Wild Elephant died of electric shock

A wild elephant that roamed into a village and entered a paddy field died of electric shock. Wildlife Conservation Officials who visited the scene said the well grown jumbo was about 35 years-of-age.
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Environment Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka launched his website

Patali Champika Ranawaka launched his official website on January 30, 2010 amidst blessings by Dambana Veddas. Rituals and traditional chanting by Veddas were the main features of the occasion.

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Wild elephant rescued by wild life officers

A wild elephant that fell into an abandoned well at Sigiri Polattawa on Tuesday night was saved by wildlife officers with the help of farmers and was thereafter chased into a forest reserve. The jumbo, that roamed into the human habitat destroyed crops, pulled down the walls of several houses and had chased after a farmer who was caring for his Chena before it fell into the abandoned well.

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Kumana National Park Reopened on 30th January 2010

The overnight rain has drenched the wilderness. A peacock spreads its stunning feathers and dances on the glade that was glistening with small pools of water left by the rain. Long beaked Pelicans perch on the treetops overlooking the salty lagoons while flocks of seagulls swirl around it making melodious tones. Herds of deer sunbath with their horns kept aloft. Wild buffaloes graze on the plains adjoining tanks. Nature was at its beautiful best at the Kumana National park last Saturday when it was opened for the public.

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Sri Lanka opposes carbon emission tax

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said Sri Lanka's stance on Carbon emission was the U.S.A, the European Union and 37 other developed countries should reduce their use of fossil fuel based energy by 19%

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Turtles released to sea

Two turtles caught from the lagoon near Karupone fishery village and hidden in the shrub jungle for slaughter were recovered by Chilaw police on information from the public and released to the sea on a court order.

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