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350 trees to emphasize lowering carbon parts

Three hundred and fifty trees were to be planted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources today to observe International Climate Action Day which has lowering carbon parts in the atmosphere as its key theme.

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Drought in Eastern Province affects Ampara district fisheries

Prevailing drought conditions in the Eastern Province had badly affected the Fisheries Industry in the Ampara District. According to fisheries Inspector Sadasivam Bhagu a large number of fish in Arugam bay lagoon had died during the last few days due to the drought.

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Four men were taken into custody

Four men were taken into custody by Wildlife Conservation Officers in Ampara for catching tortoise in a tank that had dried up during the drought. The suspects were in possession of 50 tortoise shells and three live tortoises at the time of arrest. Officials said legal action would be taken against the suspects.

Embryo taken out of dead mother elephant

The Veterinary Surgeons of the Wildlife Conservation department, who performed the postmortem examination on the carcass of a she-elephant found dead on the banks of the Balaluwewa tank in Kalawewa, reported that it had been shot dead and that they had found an embryo of a calf in the womb of the animal.

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Lanka sets example in eliminating CFC: Champika

Sri Lanka has set an example to other countries through   achievements in eliminating the usage of CFC (Cloro Floro Carbon).  Environment and Natural Resources Minister Champika Ranawaka said at the function held in the Public Library Auditorium to mark the International Ozone Day (IOD) yesterday. “The United Nations had given a target to all its member countries to eliminate CFC ( Cloro Floro Carbon ) usage from the world by the end of 2009, but we have done that already and  got world recognition,” he further said.

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Peacocks killed for meat

Hunting of peacocks for meat is going on unchecked in the south and the peacock meat   curry is a popular delicacy among the guests at restaurants and   tourist hotels. The price of a kilo of peacock meat in Tissamaharama and Lunugamwehera areas is about Rs.1000.

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National Zoo earns record daily income of Rs. 2.2 million

The National Zoo in Dehiwela earned a record breaking income of more than 22 lakhs in one day as a result of 28,365 persons visiting the zoo on Sunday (30), a zoo official said.

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