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Dengue raises head in Colombo PDF Print E-mail

Five dengue cases have been reported from a military establishment in Thimbirigasyaya in Colombo while equal number of cases has been reported from the Colombo University during the past few weeks.

Chief Medical Officer Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam told Daily Mirror yesterday that Thimbirigasyaya had been an area where the dengue had been high during the past few days.

He said Grandpass had been another area where the numbers of cases were high.

Referring to the military camp he said precautions had been taken to clean up the area while the problem in the university would also be resolved as the students must have been sent home till they recover.

He said the main issue was the maintaining of cleanliness of the environment where the people had already forgotten about the disease after it had eased off.


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