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Wildlife Minister denies 50 elephants drowned PDF Print E-mail

The Minister of Agrarian Resources Services and Wildlife S.M. Chandrasena yesterday denied reports which said 50 elephants had drowned during the recent floods.

The minister told the media that only four elephants in the Habara, Giritale, Kavudulla and Minneriya wildlife parks had been killed.

He said all wildlife parks in the flood affected areas have been open for all visitors including the foreigners. However, the Minister explained that roads in some parks had been damaged by the floods. He said arrangements were being made to reconstruct the roads.

Referring to the other animals he did mention that a large number of cattle and poultry perished. However he said the exact numbers were yet to be finalized.

Meanwhile, the Wildlife Conservation Department also denied the story stating they too were yet to receive any reports on how the floods have affected wild life.

However, some news reports including some foreign agency reports which quoted the Wildlife Conservation Department earlier said around 50 deaths of wild elephants due to floods have been reported.

A survey has commenced in wildlife parks to ascertain the exact number of deaths of wild elephants and other animals

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 February 2011 10:37 )

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