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Reconstruction of Beira Lake to prevent floods PDF Print E-mail

“In order to prevent floods caused by even the slightest rains, in Colombo City, it has become essential to reconstruct the Beira Lake and the waterways connected to it”, says Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

He says that it was clearly proved when a study was done by a group of naval officers assigned to do a study.

During the study, it had been observed that the Water-Gates Systems that had been in place to control the volume of water of the lake had been found non-functional while the system of pipelines connected to Kelani River also had been found to have been completely destroyed as well as the canal system that was connected to the lake also had been found to be with shortcomings worsened by the land fillings that had affected the flow of water, the Secretary of Defence added.

“In order to control flooding in the City of Colombo, a system with a smooth draining ability should be present and to achieve that, the reconstruction of the waterways and the pipelines connected to Beira Lake has to be done as a priority with the support of the political leaders of both the government and the opposition and the civil organizations.

By Duminda Sanjeeva Balasuriya


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